Thank you

Thank you to all my children and parents for all my wonderful gifts. You have been a great class and a lovely set of parents. Have a wonderful summer holidays and I’ll see you all next year.

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Year 2 Salsa sale

Don’t forget to bring your money in tomorrow to buy our delicious salsa!

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Home grown

Look what I’ve just found growing, who can tell me what it’s going to become?


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My holiday to Cornbury, by Maya and Gem

This weekend Maya and Gem went to Cornbury which is a music festival. We slept in a warm sleeping bag in my tent. Gem had a good night’s sleep. We went with my brother, daddy, mummy, Gem, my uncle and auntie and two other friends. On the first day we went to the kids area and we went to the comedy tent, we made a pen pot in the craft tent, we sat down on the grass and listened to music and went on a fairground ride. On the second day we listened to more music including some people who had been on the X Factor and The Voice, I made some pottery and a hat, we went to a pirate pantomime, saw Punch and Judy, had my face painted and learnt some circus tricks. It was boiling hot all weekend and we ate lots of scrummy food. The weekend was tiring but it was great fun. I think Gem enjoyed the music the best.





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What an exciting weekend with the F1 race at Silverstone! Who has spotted any of the places we visited? I have. Enjoy the race.

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Today we learnt about angles in maths. We focused on finding right angles in shapes. How many right angles can you find around your home? Where are they?
We also learnt that angles smaller than a right angle is called – acute and an angle larger than a right angle is called – obtuse. Can you find examples of them around your home too?

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Our School, Our World, My Future

Next term our theme is Our School, Our World, My Future. For this Year 2 are using the sub-heading ‘Belonging’ to focus our learning.

With the children today we discussed what ideas they could think of relating to the theme. We decided to think about our local community in which we belong and the wider world. We will also look at food and it’s production, we will be growing different plants and our aim is to sell our produce before the end of term to raise money for charity, possibly for people who don’t have enough food of their own. We will also be looking at food and where it comes from, we will learn about the different countries and why they can grow foods that we can’t. We would also like to have a picnic bringing healthy foods to eat.

Over half term we would like to encourage the children to think about the foods they eat, were do they come from and how are they grown. We have sent out a food journal to record what they eat. You may also like to have a picnic (depending on the weather) and take photos of you preparing your lunch and enjoying your day out.



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The Witch’s Shopping List

Today we looked at alliteration, we used it to write a poem, based on what a witch might put on her shopping list.
Here’s how we started:
One giant giraffe.
Two toads to frighten the wizard.
Three fighting frogs.
Four frozen fish.
Five juggling jellies.
Six stinky socks to scare scarecrows.
Seven silly sausages, sizzling in a skillet.
Eight enormous eagles eggs.
Nine nasty sweets.
Ten tickling tigers.

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2HM had an amazing day at Silverstone today, we were welcomed to the circuit by Vicky who spent the day with us, telling us about the circuit and showing us lots of exciting things. We first went on a track tour: going into the race control centre and the timing room. We then went to the pit lane and got to see inside a garage. After that we went to watch the motorbikes race around part of the track. Next Vicky took us to the winners podium and we had our photo taken pretending we had won the race! We were then taken to see the cars that they use for track experience days, they have a range of different cars to suit different people. We were then taken to the track garages where they fix and check cars, we were allowed to sit in single seater race cars. By this time we were starving and starting to get tired so we went to the study centre for lunch, while we ate Vicky put the film Herbie on for us to watch. After lunch we were then shown how to make our own air powered car, some of us found it really hard to blow up our balloons.
We had a fantastic day and we all behaved really well.
Thank you to the parents who came with us today, I hope you aren’t too tired!







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Funny Poems

Today we have read Ten Things Found in a Wizard’s Pocket. We made up a class version to go with it. Which one do you prefer? Can you write your own?

Ten Things Found in a Wizard’s Pocket.


A dark night.

Some words that nobody could ever spell.

A glass of water full to the top.

A large elephant.

A vest made from spiders’ webs.

A handkerchief the size of a car park.

A bill from the wand shop.

A bucket full of stars and planets, to mix with the dark night.

A bag of magic mints you can suck for ever.

A snoring rabbit.

Ian McMillan Original Version


Ten Things Found in a Wizard’s Pocket.


A handful of nasty, gooey sweets.

A massive wand.

A table with space enough for 20.

A coach from a speeding train.

A large black and white spotty dog.

A monkey that’s bigger than a tree.

A giant, extendable ruler.

A dollop of blue slush puppy.

A TV covered in cobwebs.

A colossal, beating sun.

2HM’s version

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