Another exciting visitor to Year 2

Posted by on May 14, 2013

Wow, what lucky children we are! Today Mr and Mrs Holder came to visit us, Mr Holder works for the F1 team Mercedes, with him he brought an axel, 2 wheel nuts and a tyre (front left) from one of the cars driven last year!


We found out that the F1 car tyre was much wider than a normal road car, it is about 32cm wide.
We found out that there are lots of safety devices built into the car, to keep the drivers safe in the event of a crash.
Each tyre has a special mark so that the mechanics know where to put it, the one we saw had LF meaning left front.
About 600 people are involved in building two F1 cars, it takes about 5 months to build and the design process would start a year before that. Each pit stop takes around 2.5 seconds to change 4 wheels! There are 16 people working at each pit stop, 12 are needed to change the tyres.


We are getting very exciting about our visit to Silverstone next week. 2HM are going on Tuesday 21st and 2NT are going on Wednesday 22nd.

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  1. Jack

    hi, I love your classes lovely work. Here is a question for you: how long is wheel and a axle?By Jack from 2NT

  2. Jack

    I love your blog.

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