Posted by on May 21, 2013

2HM had an amazing day at Silverstone today, we were welcomed to the circuit by Vicky who spent the day with us, telling us about the circuit and showing us lots of exciting things. We first went on a track tour: going into the race control centre and the timing room. We then went to the pit lane and got to see inside a garage. After that we went to watch the motorbikes race around part of the track. Next Vicky took us to the winners podium and we had our photo taken pretending we had won the race! We were then taken to see the cars that they use for track experience days, they have a range of different cars to suit different people. We were then taken to the track garages where they fix and check cars, we were allowed to sit in single seater race cars. By this time we were starving and starting to get tired so we went to the study centre for lunch, while we ate Vicky put the film Herbie on for us to watch. After lunch we were then shown how to make our own air powered car, some of us found it really hard to blow up our balloons.
We had a fantastic day and we all behaved really well.
Thank you to the parents who came with us today, I hope you aren’t too tired!







4 Responses to Silverstone

  1. Ollie

    I had a good time at Silverstone yesterday. It was good fun! Daddy had fun too.

  2. Charlie

    I enjoyed the day and liked sitting in the racing car.

  3. Sophie

    I really enjoyed going to Silverstone and really enjoyed my mum helping too.

  4. Jay- Jay

    I really enjoyed going to Silverstone because it was amazing and I liked seeing the cars. We learnt a lot about cars and we got to look at the cars we saw on tv. I had a great time at Silverstone I wish we could go there again soon, I hope you had fun.

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